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The rapid introduction of technology for the mobile lifestyle, the connected and global marketplace and the workflows plus supply chain are critical in being able to select a technology or application to address a particular market. This includes the crossover of cinema and television production tools into the corporate and educational content workflows. These technologies are also being applied to the smart home and transportation sector products.

M&E Tech will bring an understanding of these technologies with both the details needed for the professional working as a specialist, as well as the context and overview needed by those who are working with and managing these professionals. The content on the site will be a combination of original video for interviews and product demos along with original editorial articles.

Lidia has years of diverse work experience across industries, cultures and continents. Since 2002 she has resided in Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay area. Having worked across Poland and USA, she is an independent journalist, photographer and consultant for Eastern Europe in addition to being an Editor-in-Chief for Bright Blue Innovation International.

She also holds roles as a US correspondent at Info market, an international trade publication, covering various technology areas from hi-tech industry to the infrastructure and renewable energy sector, as well as consulting and advisory roles with domestic and international business development programs. Lidia has a Master degree from Warsaw School of Economics and MBA from Centre for Management Training in Warsaw, Poland.

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