About Us

Roadway Media is the messaging and content creation division of Roadway Intelligence.  It is  responsible for the creative design and production of custom media content including news, technology commentary and entertainment.

Roadway Media is excited to be continuing all of its existing television programs that are broadcast on Comcast and AT&T/Uverse in the San Francisco East Bay and across CA for 2018.  The group is launching new broadcast properties in Q2 ’18 to help cover the expanding technology base that is focusing on the technology supply chain.  In addition to the cable broadcast visibility, the programs are also shows on Comcast and AT&T/Uverse VOD.  To enhance the viewing experience, we have also moved the content to Vimeo’s HD player in addition to the existing YouTube experience.

The programs that are continuing are: Advanced Broadcast Technology, Bright Blue Innovation and Global Innovation.  These shows are continuing their focus on the technology community.

Bright Blue Innovation is being presented from the perspective of corporate product presence and speakers at trade shows and events.  Global Innovation examines the process of innovation wherever it may exist, both in the private and public sectors. Advanced Broadcast Technology is an edutainment style program that focuses on tutorials for understanding content creation for TV, cinema and web based streaming that are now becoming the centerpiece of our daily connected lives and businesses.

In Q2 ’18, a new series, Silicon Valley Roundtable, will be launched.  This is a multi-host show that covers a wider range of topics.  The program will consist of content gathered from 1:1 interviews in the studio and trade events, but will feature multiple topic and episode hosts over the course of a year.  These episodes will focus on the supplus chain.

We are looking for companies and organizations interested in appearing on our shows or meeting for interviews at industry events to discuss their innovative approaches.