About Us

roadwaymediaprod_homeRoadway Media Productions is  the content creation division of Roadway Intelligence and is responsible for both creative design and production of custom media content.

Roadway Media Productions just concluded a season that featured two weekly 30 minute talk shows, Bright Blue Innovation and Global Innovation and a live 1 hour presentation show. These shows are broadcast in the San Francisco East Bay on Comcast and ATT/Uverse, simul-cast on UStream and made available in on-demand form on this site.  The 2017 seasons will add a 30 min talk show titled Living Cyber.

The focus of Bright Blue Innovation is on innovation as a driving force in the technology world.  Global Innovation examines the process of innovation wherever it may exist, both in the private and public sectors. We will explore the problems that challenge innovators, the solutions they have developed, and the results they have achieved. Living Cyber is  focusing on the impact of cybersecurity and its challenges on our daily lives and businesses.

We are looking for companies and organizations interested in appearing on our shows to discuss their innovative approaches  for a full 30 minute show with a theme dedicated to your vision or one of our scheduled topics.

For more information on broadcast availability for appearance or for the creation of a custom episode or program, please contact us at:

sales AT roadwayintel DOT com