Season 4 Episode 10
NAB 2018 Executive Interviews

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Bright Blue Innovation Host Lidia Paulinska continues her NAB 2018 coverage with a series of Executive Interviews from the Show Floor in Las Vegas.   The discussion with the industry leaders is about their new corporate offerings as well as trends and challenges the broadcast industry is facing. The episode includes the interviews with: Charlie Vogt, CEO of ATX Networks, Carol Hess, Workstation Product Line Manager at HP, Deepakjit Singh, CEO and Founder of Amagi, Harris Morris, CEO of Wazee Digital; along with the passages from Cisco press conference on the recent Olympics Games TV coverage and Sharp 8K rollout press conference


Charlie Vogt, ATX Networks
Carol Hess, HP Workstation Product Line Manager
Deepakjit Singh, Founder of Amagi
Harris Morris, Wazee Digital
Cisco Press Conference on Olympic Coverage
Sharp 8K camera and platform