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Continuing in 2017
Season 2 

Global Innovation – Hosted by Chris Graham

Global Innovation focuses on innovative concepts, business models, strategies and societal issues addressing the global economy.  This includes regulatory, formal & de-facto standards and the direct influence of social media & a global supply chain that companies content with when introducing ideas and products.  The show uses an in-studio fireside chat style discussion with multiple guests and interviews.

Chris brings more than 30 years of experience in the legal industry managing intellectual property matters, corporate governance and business development programs. Chris recently served as a founder and the Managing Partner of the Silicon Valley operations of Dechert LLP. In addition to his legal & business background. Chris is an active public speaker and published author of both fiction & non-fiction, along with being recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s Top AV Rated Lawyers, and was named by Best Lawyers as the 2014 IP Lawyer of the Year.

Bright Blue Innovation – Hosted by Lidia Paulinska

Bright Blue Innovation focuses on the people behind new technologies, the ideas and innovations which lead to their products.  The show will also explore the idea that companies, from creation through operation, are a personification of their leadership.  The show is presented as a mix of in-studio discussions and interviews/demos at industry events.

Lidia brings her international experience as a journalist, photographer, entrepreneur and transmedia marketing architect to the Silicon Valley community. She is a member of International Federation of Journalists and contributes to publications in the US & Poland and is Editor in Chief of her own publication.

Advanced Broadcast Technologies – Hosted By Pallab Chatterjee

With the rise in media content and the shift to IP & file based broadcast and content creation, the new understanding of Television and Broadcast has emerged. Traditional over the air broadcast is undergoing advances as are the VOD, IPTV and Interactive TV markets. To help accelerate the diversity of new equipment, data technology and production the program has formed an association with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) to identify topics and companies that can provide education on this rapidly changing field. The show is lecture style and presented at a conference Keynote level.

Pallab brings over three decades of experience in design engineering, technology creation and business development to the show.  In addition to the technology background, he has been involved with the directing and producing television, film and gaming products in addition to being an author.


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