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Advanced Broadcast Technology


Advanced Broadcast Technologies

ABT focuses on the explanation of new standards and technology as well as products that are driving  the rise in media content and the shift to IP & file based broadcast and content creation, the new understanding of Television and Broadcast has emerged. Traditional over the air broadcast is undergoing advances as are the VOD, IPTV and Interactive TV markets. To help accelerate the diversity of new equipment, data technology and production the program has formed an association with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) to identify topics and companies that can provide education on this rapidly changing field. The show is lecture style and presented at a conference Keynote level.

Host: Pallab Chatterjee

Producers : Lidia Paulinska
Chris Graham
Pallab Chatterjee

Directors : Lidia Paulinska
Chris Graham

Writers: Pallab Chatterjee
Chris Graham
Lidia Paulinska

Studio: Chabot TV / Comcast – Hayward CA
Sujoy Sarkar – Station Manager & Director
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Advanced Broadcast Technology

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